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Fried Food Craving for the Weekend

Always thinking about our next meal, a strong craving for fried food hit us like a ton of bricks… luckily, Memphis has a plethora of AMAZING fried food options….

So we started thinking, what are some of the best, heart-hurting dishes in town?

Here are some of our top/recent faves in no particular order:

SOLE: Oyster Po’ Boy

Pearl’s Oyster House: Fried Pickles

Other dishes sans photos:

  • Gus’s: Fried Chicken Strips
  • Sekisui: Mushroom Tempura (I’m a sucker for anything fried + Sekisui Tempura Sauce, but the mushrooms are pretty solid)
  • South of Beale: Crispy Sushi Rice Cakes served with the Sesame Tuna
  • The Arcade: Fried French Toast

Now, we know you’re screaming at your computer and accusing us of leaving off the best options in Memphis. So tell us.  We’re hungry, so send over ideas ASAP 🙂

And you thought the above ideas were unhealthy…

Courtesy of This is Why You're Fat: The Flatline Burger- Double bacon cheeseburger with peanut butter deep fried and served with two sides of chipotle mayo. (submitted by Bryce via Blue Moon Burgers)


Potentially the Best Thing Ever…

Just looking at phone pictures and came across, possibly, the most amazing thing I’ve ever consumed:

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

What is this monstrosity? Oh, the most delicious, perfectly fried, appropriately dressed Soft Shell Crab Sandwich….EVER. If you’re in New Orleans, make it a priority to visit Acme Oyster House. Take a seat at the bar, order oysters, an Abita and of course, this plate of fried, crabby goodness. Mouth is now watering…damn it! Happy hump day!

Mosa Asian Bistro: Two Thumbs Up

Mosa Asian Bistro is a locally-owned restaurant from the original owners of the well-known Formosa. Mosa has two locations in East Memphis: Poplar at Kirby and White Station between Poplar and Park. A casual dining experience and reasonable prices, Mosa offers a modern take on traditional asian cuisine.

For starters, there are traditional favorites such as potstickers, edamame and lettuce wraps; but we definitely recommend the basil rolls.

You choose the heat level and meat (or tofu) for your main dish. If you prefer rice dishes, the Fried Rice and Teriyaki Bowl are our favorites. If you are more a noodle fan, you can’t go wrong with the Mosa Pad Thai or Dan Dan Noodles.

However, if you are interested in trying something new, we recommend the Jiao Zhe Bowl. It is similar to Wonton Soup, plus vegetables and a kick – its own dipping sauce. But go easy on the dipping sauce, too much at once will light your mouth on fire!

We say Mosa is “A HIT” for consistency in service, price and quality!

If you have any other favorites, please feel free to let us know. We always love trying new dishes.

A Hit in Miami

Hit or Ms. was traveling this weekend and found a HIT in Miami that we had to post… Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink. The entire meal was delicious, but our favorite part was this amazing-ness on a plate:

Popcorn and Peanuts

To the untrained eye, that scoop of ice cream looks vanilla… but in fact, it’s BUTTERED POPCORN flavored with actual pieces of popcorn in the scoop. It’s the ultimate combo of sweet and salty, and by far, one of the coolest desserts we’ve consumed.

So… we’re issuing a challenge to Memphis chefs and readers…. where can we find another comparable sweet/salty ice cream flavor in a local restaurant? We can’t solely rely on flying to Miami for this newfound addiction 🙂

Working Hard for the Money…

Sorry friends that we’ve been tardy with another blog post. Things have become a bit hectic at our 9-5’s…

…but we promise another update is coming soon. In the meantime, here’s some food for thought:

Anyone make it to opening night at Local, the new gastropub on South Main? One of our reviewers checked it out and will be giving you the scoop on her experience.

Or, do we have any dim sum aficionados reading Hit or Ms? We saw on Paul Ryburn’s blog that Bangkok Alley is now serving in their downtown location. This makes us happy since it’s the first Memphis restaurant we’ve heard of that serves dim sum (definitely correct us if we’re wrong). We’re planning to drag our butts out of bed one of these Sundays to test it out and will give you a rundown soon.

And, one of our die-hard tweeters is compiling a list of Memphis restaurants using Twitter… a great tool for finding specials, new dishes and promos. We’ll have that up shortly.

So stay tuned, thanks for your patience and we’ll be in touch soon.