The Blue Fish Turns into The Reef

Bad news,  The Blue Fish closed in Cooper Young after five years. Good news, it’s already been replaced by another restaurant in less than a week, called The Reef.

Happy to hear that we’re not losing another local establishment entirely. However, a bit concerned with this:

“We’ve cut the (entree) prices about in half,” Meredith said. “We’re not going above $20 on the core menu.” Appetizers will range from $6 to $11. Prepared oyster dishes that were about $13 at The Blue Fish will be $8, and Meredith plans to offer an oyster bucket and pitcher of beer special.

Got to wonder, if you’re taking over an operation and cutting prices, what’s being compromised? Quality of service or quality of fish… hope it’s neither, but the fish aspect makes us nervous!

Although, the oyster bucket sounds heavenly, if it’s done correctly, since we are a bit obsessed with bivalves. Fingers are crossed for selections from the Gulf or Cape. Our motto, the bigger and brinier, the better!


Let us know when you eat there… we’ll get there soon!


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