Arguably the Most Consistent Dish in Memphis…

…McEwen’s on Monroe’s Seabass.

The orange soy glaze & miso broth combined with the risotto usually results in a frantic mopping of the plate to ensure not a drop is missed. Every single time I go to this restaurant, I order this dish (hey, if ain’t broke, why fix it?), and every single time, I’m extremely happy with my choice.

If you haven’t tried this dish, I highly recommend booking a reservation ASAP. Or, go sit at the bar and enjoy with one of the amazing glasses of wine available.

What’s your go-to, consistent entrée in this fine metropolitan area?



2 responses to “Arguably the Most Consistent Dish in Memphis…

  1. I agree with consistency. My favorite go-to, always know what I’m gonna get dish is a Huey burger. No matter what the location, I know it’s gonna be exactly what I want.

    There are a couple of places that have menu items (burgers, sandwiches, etc) that seem to be really good or really bleh depending on who is in the kitchen that day. As a result, I only go to those places when I’m in the mood to roll the dice.

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